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OpenChain Post-ISO - Global Implementation Across Multiple Sectors?
OpenChain recently graduated as an ISO standard, with the purpose of managing risk in functionality, security and licensing/IP, and reducing friction in the supply chain. The standard opens up for predictable B2B compliance activities with self-certification as well as independent compliance assessments, and 3rd party certification.

It is expected that the new ISO standard will be widely adopted across multiple verticals, and that tooling will help automate inbound and outbound processes to get to market faster, minimize risk, and increase quality..

This webinar will give the audience a “State of the union” of the standard, and discuss how standards help creating business value. Webinar participants will learn about how the OpenChain ISO standard can be implemented in any organization, how the community has accepted it so far, and how Sourcing departments leverage strategic value creation in the supply chain based on standards fulfillment.


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